Rocker Chair Spring Plate Installation

  • The holes are NOT pre-drilled.
  • You will need to use your old plates as a template to drill new holes. This allows the holes to line up correctly with your furniture.

***Wear safety goggles and a mask that will cover your mouth and nose to prevent any fiberglass dust exposure.***


  1. We recommend using a drill press. Alternatively, you can use vice grips, clamps, or a regular vice along with a drill. Use a drill bit that is slightly larger than your bolts so they will pass through the holes easier.

  2. Carefully examine the assembly order of your parts before removing anything. Take pictures if needed. They will need to be re-installed the same way.

  3. Remove the old plates from your swivel rocker. Save all the hardware to use for re-installation. Place one of the old plates on the top of a new one and keep them firmly in place.

  4. IMPORTANT - Leave a minimum of 3/8” between the edge of the plate and the outside hole edge to maintain structural integrity.

  5. Drill through the holes on your old fiberglass plate and into the new plates.

  6. Inspect the plates to ensure there are no cracks before installing. Do not use them if there are any cracks!

  7. When re-installing, the bolts and nuts should never be in direct contact with the plates. The plates should always be between the chair frame and a metal bar or washer. Be careful not to over tighten the hardware.

  8. Optional - The plates can be spray-painted to match your furniture.

  9. Sit back and relax in your chair!