Patio Furniture Glide Installation Tips

The wrought iron furniture cups must have a 1-1/2" or 1-1/4" INSIDE diameter.

  • It's normal for the glides to seem too large initially. However, these pressure-fit glides require force for a snug fit to keep them in place over time.
  • If installation proves challenging, try boiling the glides to make them more flexible. This can ease the installation process.
  • Always use a rubber mallet or hammer when installing the glides. Avoid using a regular hammer, as it could cause cracking.

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To prevent scratches and damage to your patio furniture, place a towel or cardboard underneath it.
Begin installing the glide by striking its center with a medium-strength hit to set it level in the cup.
Remove your old parts and inspect the furniture cups for damage. Thoroughly clean out any dirt, debris, or rust. If you see exposed metal, do some touch-up work.
After setting the glide level, apply extra force to fully secure it in the cup.
The furniture glides are designed for a tight fit. Avoid using a regular hammer to prevent damaging the glide or the furniture. Instead, use a rubber mallet or a hammer.
The glide should now be firmly in place, secured by pressure against the cup walls.
Carefully position the glide on the furniture cup, ensuring it’s level. If it moves around, secure it temporarily with a piece of tape.
Installation complete! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day, knowing your floors are well-protected by your newly installed glides.