Glide Installation Tips

Patio Furniture Glide Installation Tips

Standard Version

It is normal for the glides to appear too large. Force may be needed to install. Don't worry: A tight fit is necessary to prevent them from falling out.

To prevent rubbing or scraping the paint put a piece of cardboard or a towel under the chair.

Use pliers to remove old glides.

Very important to make sure all dirt, debris and rust is removed from the cups before installing your new glides.

Place one-half of the glide in the foot, and push the other half in.

It may be necessary to soak the glides in hot water to make them more flexible.

**Due to occasional differences in manufacturer tolerances, sandpaper or a Dremel may be necessary to get the glide to fit.

Deluxe Version

Remember: Glides may appear too large, and some force may be needed to install. A tight fit is necessary to keep them from falling out. Conversely, if the glide is too loose, try wrapping a strip of electrical tape around the edge before installing for a snug fit.

Put a towel under where the chair rests on the ground to prevent rubbing or scraping off of the paint.

Remove the old glides with a pair of pliers.

Highly recommended to remove all dirt, debris and rust off of the chair and table feet before installation.

Line the glide up level with the foot. Sometimes using a piece of tape can help hold the glide in place. Use a rubber mallet or a piece of wood to strike directly in the middle of the glide to obtain a snug fit. DO NOT use a hammer as it may crack the glide. Once it sets you can continue to hit it all the way in.