Forever Glides For Wrought Iron Furniture


Self-Leveling Chair Glides 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" Sizes

Forever Glides are made to go inside the cup on the bottom of your table and chair legs. Since these are not pressure fit glides all you need to know is if your feet cups inner diameter is closer to 1-1/2" or 1-1/4". See exact dimensions for each size below.

Actual Diameter
1-1/2" Size = 1.42" or 36mm
1-1/4" Size = 1.17" or 30mm

These wrought iron patio chair glides are made of Delrin which is a hard, slick, long lasting type of plastic. The inner area has a reinforced web design for extra durability. The high strength double-sided waterproof flex foam keeps the glide attached to the chair.

The foam provides a self-leveling feature by allowing the furniture feet to flex and conform on uneven surfaces. This quality combination has been proven to last up to 10 times longer than conventional glides.

No more rust rings and damage to your surface as well as stopping the annoying screeching sounds when moving your furniture.


These are the easiest furniture glides to install by far. With the different manufacturers tolerances for dimensional measurements as well as damaged or slightly bent cups it can make the alternative choice of pressure fit glides a hassle to put in.

After making sure the cup area is really clean and dry simply peel the sticker off one side of the foam and stick it on the bottom web side of the glide. Then simply push the whole unit as center as possible into the cup.

After installation it is normal to have a little space between the inside edge of the cups and the glides since they are not pressure fit.

**It is very important to clean the cup area really well and to let them dry before installing. Make sure to remove all dirt, debris and rust from the cup. Do not use a oily cleaner. A product like 409 or lacquer thinner works great**

Proudly made in the USA

Each Package Includes:
24 Forever Glides
24 Pieces of double-sided waterproof adhesive flex foam

To see how they work take a look at our Forever Glides Installation Video

Customer Reviews
Based on 53 reviews
Virgil Mendes (United States)

Very good product and easy to install, Thanks

Ron Partridge (United States)
Ron P

The Forever glides really work well. 25 years of the thin caps that I had to replace many times. What a great replacement. Thanks

Alan Freedman (United States)
Forever Glides

The 1-1/4 in. Forever Glides just received appear just the right fit for my wrought iron patio furniture feet having 1-3/16 in. ID cups. Will remove old broken factory glides, clean well and repaint the feet with Rust-Oleum spray. I have some reservations about the double-sided adhesive foam pads that came with the new glides because of exposure to rain and outside humidity which is very high in my location. But willing to give them a try and see how long they last. Worst case I can discard the pads and re-install the glides with a good glue.

BRADLEY STILES (United States)
Easily installed, better than new.

The glides installed very easily, they make the chairs and table better than new.

C.F, (United States)
Excellent product

I was thrilled to find Project Patio chair glides. The company answered all my questions. My order came promptly. The glides fit my wrought iron chairs precisely. They are gliding across my concrete patio with ease and leaving NO MARKS what so ever. Love the product and the company. C. F.

Bob Campbell (United States)

Should be good

Douglas T. (United States)
Patio gliders

I am pleased with them so far. I look forward to enjoying more outdoor time this summer.