1-1/2" Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Glides for Tables and Chairs

  • PATIO FURNITURE GLIDE installs INSIDE the metal cup on the bottom of the chair or table feet of wrought iron patio furniture with a inside diameter of 1-1/2" Make sure you measure the inner diameter of the wrought iron cup area where the glide will be installed. The most common size is 1.5" inches.
  • NON-SCRATCHING patio chair glide protects your patio floor and your furniture legs from damage.
  • PROTECTS your patio surface, patio chair feet and patio legs from damage.
  • PROVIDES smoother movement of furniture. Patio chair insert slides over the floor.
We also offer a "Deluxe" 1-1/2" version. You can view them here.

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